Want a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card?

Share a video of your storage lift in action and a video on why you love it
and you'll be entered in a chance to win a $250 Amazon gift card!

Here's how to enter:

To have your name submitted into a drawing to win the gift card, you will need to submit two videos.

  • The first video will need to be of yourself answering the following questions:
    • Your first name
    • Where you’re from
    • What you love the most about your Aladdin Storage Lift
  • The second video will need to show your Aladdin Storage Lift in action moving stuff into your attic.
ASL Nov 2021-01

Video Recording Best Practices

  • Take your video in a location with plenty of lighting. Facing a window is always a good spot to film since the natural sunlight provides good lighting.
  • Choose a location that doesn’t have a lot of background noises.
  • Hold your camera or smartphone horizontally and try to position at eye level.

Fill out the form below and upload your videos for a chance to win!

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