Aladdin Storage Lift, LLC warrants its storage lift for five years from the date of purchase. The warranty includes all parts provided the lift is installed properly by a licensed carpenter and electrician. Labor charges will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

If the storage lift does not operate properly, the purchaser must contact a factory authorized service technician approved by Aladdin Storage Lift, LLC to determine if the storage lift was installed properly. The technician will furnish a written report to the purchaser and Aladdin concerning any problem with the lift system which will be binding on all parties concerned.

All defective parts must be returned to Aladdin Storage Lift, LLC for the warranty to apply. Any alteration or by-passing of the electrical or mechanical system will void the warranty and can result in a safety hazard.

The warranty agreement showing the date of purchase and the installer information must be returned to Aladdin Storage Lift, LLC within 30 days of purchase to validate the warranty. Call your distributor to obtain the name of a factory authorized technician in your area.

Fill out and submit the following form to validate your Aladdin Storage Lift warranty