Attic Lifts Ease Clutter of Your Shrinking Garage

Open floor plans are here to stay.  These plans typically limit the interior storage capacity.  It seems now more than ever before that our garage spaces have evolved from a space for our vehicles and maybe a kid’s bicycle into a cluttered mess of miscellaneous items.

A Google search reveals that 25% of Americans can’t even park one car in their garage, much less both.  Instead of having our vehicles in our garages they are out in the sun, rain, snow and other elements.

Why do we do this to our second most valuable assets?  We have to; the garage is shrinking.  What’s inside?  Deep freezers, golf carts, swimming pool supplies, water heaters, water purification systems, water softener systems, storm shelters, giant tool boxes, woodworking projects, kids’ toys, and even entire redecorating projects.  All of these things that we have to add comfort and value to our lives are working together to diminish the proper place to park out cars.

How do we fix this?  An attic lift from Aladdin Storage Lift.

The Aladdin Storage Lift is an attic lift that allows you to easily store most of this clutter up and out of the way in the attic space above the garage.  Because of its wide platform and ability to handle heavy loads, wasted hours of the weekend and sore backs are a thing of the past.