How to Use Your Garage Space for Your Car and DIY Projects

Garages and carports are not only convenient to park your car, but they can also serve as a handy space to do DIY projects. However, we’ve all been in a situation where a weekend DIY project takes longer than expected and we no longer have our space. 

So, how do you live the best of both worlds of protecting your car while working on a project? We’ve got just the solution.

Why It’s Important to Park in Your Garage

Understandably, you don’t want to park your vehicle outside if you don’t have to. You want to avoid exposing your car to uncontrollable elements such as inclement weather, extreme temperatures, or even theft or vandalism.

While the garage is a nice space to have in your home to do messy projects, you want to still be able to use it for its original intent: to park your vehicle. Do you find yourself feeling rushed while doing DIY projects in your garage just so you can make room for your car? Well here’s how you can have your cake and eat it, too.

How to Use Your Garage for Projects AND Parking

Photo by Andrew Ruiz on Unsplash

Sometimes DIY projects take longer than a day to complete. For example, a detailed woodworking project or refinishing an antique piece of furniture could take weeks. You can easily store in-progress projects in your attic with the help of an Aladdin Storage Lift.

Since it can hold up to 500lbs, you can load the platform with all of your materials and have it safely raised to your attic space at just the turn of a key. 

Take your time on your DIY projects without sacrificing the essential space of your garage or carport. Learn more about the Aladdin Storage Lift so you can clear your clutter the simple way.

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