Organize Your Woodworking Shop with an Attic Storage Lift

Woodworking is a celebrated passion for many people. A survey conducted by National Family Opinion on behalf of Wood Magazine found that approximately 5.5 million Americans actively participate in woodworking as a hobby.

Woodworking is a time to use the mind, the hands, and tools—lots of tools. If you’re not careful, these tools can quickly take over your workspace making it clustered and even potentially dangerous. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated, organized space for all of your tools? In this blog post, we’ll talk about an ideal solution for organizing your woodworking shop.

An Ideal Storage Solution for Your Woodworking Shop

Imagine having the ability to safely move those saws, drills, sanders, jointers, planers, and wood up into the attic.

When you use a motorized attic storage lift from Aladdin Storage Lift, you have the ability to organize your shop or your garage in between projects, and do so with very little effort.

All you need to do is load the level platform, turn the key, and stand back to watch as your woodworking clutter disappears into the attic. Installing an attic lift from Aladdin Storage Lift is simple and affordable. After your framer finishes the opening in your shop or garage ceiling, have your electrician install the attic lift unit in less than half of a day. Afterward, you can use your woodworking tools and skills to finish out the opening any way you desire.

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