A Storage Solution for Outdoor Furniture

An outdoor life survey conducted in 2019 reveals that 83% of Americans have an outdoor living space. These spaces are made up of chairs, tables, couches, and plenty of seasonal things like rugs and decorations. Some of these items only spend a relatively short amount of time out of the year in these outdoor living spaces.

Where do you store the wintertime accessories such as fire pits and gas heaters? Where do you store the summertime accessories like chair cushions and pool supplies? The garage.

The garage can quickly become a cluttered area with little to no room to park your cars. Imagine lifting these items, up to 500lbs at a time, into your attic space with just a simple turn of a key.

The fast solution is an Aladdin Storage Lift. The Aladdin Storage Lift is a key-operated, motorized platform lift to safely transport those outdoor living space items to and from your attic for storage.

You will not have to lug them up the attic pull-down stairs if you have an Aladdin Storage Lift. Load up the cart and turn the key: watch as your garage storage safely ascend into the attic and out of your way until next season. Click here to see how easy it is!