The Best Storage Solution for Gearheads

The Daytona 500 is here! Racing season is upon us and fair weather is right around the corner. That means it’s time to clean and organize your race shop. Race cars, classic cars, resto-mods, project cars: they require storing everything from car parts, tools, tires, and supplies.

Imagine how sharp your garage or shop would be if you could elevate those bulky items to the attic above with just the turn of a key!

Aladdin Storage Lift makes a powerful, motorized platform lift to gently and safely get those motor parts, transmissions, fenders, wheels, and rarely used tools up and out of your way to give you more room to store and work on your car.

Stop risking injury by lugging those heavy race car-related items up and down your pulldown stairs. Stack up to 500lbs of nuts, bolts, gears, shifters, mufflers, and fenders on to the Aladdin Storage Lift platform and turn the key. Simply unload the items and store them in the attic out of your way.

Enjoy your project car more by storing it in a clean, organized shop or garage. The ASL-500 from Aladdin Storage lift is ETL safety listed and is the perfect tool to accomplish just that.