The Smart Way to Store Your Hunting Gear at Home

It’s hunting season which means you need a way to keep all of your hunting gear out of the garage so it’s not in your way. The Aladdin Storage Lift ASL-500 is the perfect solution!

Your crossbows, game cameras, boat blinds, tree stands, feeders, and gun cleaning gear can add a lot of clutter to your garage space quickly, so you’ll need to get this stored up and out of your way. Plus, if this gear is taking up your garage space, then you are exposing your truck in the elements. Avoid doing that and enjoy parking it in your garage.

Another reason you need an attic storage lift? You don’t need to wear yourself out lugging your cold weather gear, boots, restraints, harnesses, decoys, and duck blinds up the attic pull-down stairs. With an Aladdin Storage Lift, all you need to do is turn the wall-mounted key to lower the platform, load it up with your gear, and then turn the key again to watch it lift it all into the attic where it can be stored out of your way.

Make your family happy this hunting season by clearing the clutter from your garage. The ASL-500 from Aladdin Storage Lift is the affordable solution for safely storing your ducks, deer, dove, and turkey hunting gear.

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