The Ultimate Moving Checklist and Timeline

So you’re getting ready to move? If you have enough time, you should start getting ready two months before your big day to give yourself enough time to do everything without feeling overwhelmed. Feel free to adjust this checklist based on your timeline though. Here is a checklist of things to do at each stage so that you don’t miss anything.

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2 Months Before Moving

  • Sort your items into four piles: things to keep, things to trash, things to donate, and things to sell. Even if you’re not downsizing, you may be holding on to things you will never need and will just be lugging more weight with you to your next home.
  • Research moving companies in your area. If you are not tackling the daunting task of moving on your own, then now is the time to start price shopping and booking your movers. You’ll also want to make sure the moving company is reputable and has the right credentials to move your stuff.
  • Get ready to pack! Start collecting boxes in preparation for moving. Be sure to ask around or look at any online yard sales before you purchase brand-new moving boxes, someone is always looking to get rid of theirs! Don’t forget packing supplies such as packing tape, paper, and bubble wrap to keep your fragile items safe.

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1 Month Before

  • Start packing your seasonal or rarely-used items that you can live without for a month. You’ll thank yourself when the time gets closer and you’re busy packing everything else. Find a designated space in your home where you can keep these packed boxes stored. Be sure to label these boxes so that you remember where these things are! Be sure to keep a list of each packed box so that you can double-check that your moving company unpacked everything.
  • Start changing your address on essential things such as your utility company and post office. Letting them know your new information ahead of time will help things transition smoother once you’re moved into your new home.
  • Work through any food you have in your freezer and pantry. Moving food can be complicated and you certainly don’t want perfectly good food to go to waste. Try planning out your weekly menus based on items you need to use up prior to moving.

1 Week Before

  • Confirm your movers and double-check that your date, time and location are correct. To be even more prepared, request the contact information for the lead person in charge of the movers of that day. Start preparing written directions for the crew on the big day so that you can avoid miscommunication.
  • Pack your everyday items. If you were able to get a head start on packing your rarely-used items, then this task won’t seem as daunting. Be sure to pack stuff together that will go in the same room and be sure to label the outside of boxes!
  • Disassemble any furniture or equipment you plan on moving and be sure to secure their hardware away somewhere that you will remember.

Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash

Moving Day

  • Meet your moving crew and go over the details of the move with them. If you prepared a printed list for the team or anything, then now would be the time to give this to them.
  • Clean the empty rooms. Once the movers have cleared a room, be sure to go back after them and do one final cleaning.
  • Do a final walk-through. After all of your boxes are loaded, make one final pass through out the whole house to make sure nothing was left behind. Be sure to turn out all of the lights and lock all of the exterior doors behind you.
  • Keep track of your inventory. When you and the movers arrive to your new home, be sure to check off items as they move them in. You want to make sure no boxes are missing or damaged.

This a list of the essential things you’ll need to do before moving to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. We hope this checklist and timeline helps and that you enjoy your new home!

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